Neugier Pet Products Are Ultimate Natural. Don’t Be Surprised by not suds!


   Neugier pet Shampoo

Ingredients :

Bacillus fermentation products




Antibacterial Lipopeptide

Deep Ocean Water

It Is High Concentrated. Use 2.2Oz(1/4Cup) Neugier Pet Shampoo To Make 1 Quart up to 2 Quarts Shampoo Depend On Pet’s Condition or Size With Warm Water(100℉).

It Is Important To Add Shampoo To The Warm Water To Dilute Correctly. Nano-Size Enzyme Will Dissolve And Clean Pores In Seconds.

*It's important to add shampoo to the warm water to dilute correctly.

How to use - Need 1 to 2 quart of mixing bottle

  1. Prepare shampoo with 100℉ (1 Quart for Skin Allergy, 2 quart for Healthy Skin)

  2. Make pets wet with warm water

  3. **If you have Neugier Cleansing Shampoo, apply on the spots to remove debris

  4. Apply shampoo (make sure shampoo reach to the skin and leave some of the shampoo for process #7)

  5. Massage for couple of minutes

  6. Lightly Rinse

  7. Apply shampoo again as leave-in conditioner *** If the pet is having greasy skin condition like Seborrhea apply Neugier Grooming Lotion instead.

  8. Dry

Recommended How to use for cats - Need 1 to 2 quart of mixing bottle & Bucket or container that cats fit

  1. Prepare Shampoo & Hot bath with 100℉

  2. Pre-shave or brush to remove excess hair

  3. Let cat relax in hot bath. Make sure whole body is wet and warm

  4. let cat step out of hot bath then apply shampoo ( save some of it for later)

  5. Rinse with the warm water from the hot bath that cat was sit in (Not using shower makes cats happier)

  6. Apply the rest of the shampoo as a leave-in conditioner ( if the skin is greasy, apply Neugier Grooming Lotion instead of this process. If you know the cat may urinate, save some of shampoo for cleaning)

  7. Towel Dry (use absorber drying towel to reduce drying time)

  8. Dry with Hair dryer (Hair dryer is much quieter & easy for cats than professional blowdryer)

    ***** If cat urinate while drying, apply shampoo then wipe with a towel