Shampoo Therapy For Pets With Mites,Dermatitis, Excessive Dandruff Or Other Skin Issues Due To Aging

Ingredients :




Antibacterial Lipopeptatde

Bacillus Fermentation products

Deep Ocean Water

Xanthan gum

It Contains Xanthan Gum To Stick And Stay Longer On Surface Of The Skin To Remove Any Sticky Scabs, Dead Skin, Debris And Dandruff That Causes Smell And Itch.

This product is not aiming to wash whole body. Only for hotspots or skin issue spots.

**Unnecessary to heat Cleansing Shampoo bottle.

How to use by itself

  1. Make the skin problem area wet with warm water

  2. Apply Neugier Cleansing Shampoo

  3. Scrub gently

  4. Rinse with warm water

  5. Repeat a few times

How to use with Neugier Pet Shampoo & Neugier Grooming Lotion

  1. Make pet’s whole body wet with warm water

  2. Apply Neugier Cleansing Shampoo on the skin problem area to remove debris

  3. Apply Diluted( 2.2oz shampoo : 1 quart-2quarts 100℉ warm water) Neugier Pet Shampoo throughout the body (leave some of it for step #5)

  4. Massage

  5. Apply diluted shampoo again to make sure shampoo reaches to the skin

  6. Lightly Rinse

  7. Apply Neugier Grooming Lotion before dry